Ask The Doc?

Dr. Rednam answers questions from various patients both silly and serious. Getting to know Dr. Rednam.. personally

Inside Look

Stephanie Cooper, Patient Coordinator, discusses Dr. Rednam and her bedside manner. She cares about every patient, she is warm, down-to-earth, and patient. Patients have a great experience.

What Does A Patient Care Coordinator Do?

Stephanie, our Patient Coordinator, is your “go-to” person for all your questions and makes sure you do not get lost in phone calls or emails. She works to make sure your experience is a pleasant one.

Starting The Process

Stephanie Cooper, Dr. Rednam’s Patient Coordinator at Houston Plastic Craniofacial & Sinus Surgery goes through the process on how to get started. Stephanie discusses the steps concerning the consultation, insurance, financing, and the next steps.

How Do I Plan For Surgery?

Planning surgery can be a daunting process for anyone, but that’s why we have our Patient Coordinator, Stephanie, help you through the process. She’s there from beginning to end to guide you through all aspects of pre-surgery, surgery and post-surgery

Scheduling Your Surgery

Anytime you meet with Dr. Rednam, you’ll meet with our Patient Care Coordinator Stephanie next. Stephanie will go through dates and times that work for you to find the best time for your procedure.