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Specials in plastic surgery?  An odd concept…  Unless the special is to help motivate my patients to get into shape and to get healthy.  I also don’t think it’s a bad idea to provide my ‘deals’ back to my patients.  If I get extra ‘botox’ for example… I’m going to pass the savings on to my patients.  If we are having an event that I know my patients will benefit and like, than I’m going to include them and offer it.

Getting Healthy Pays Off!

Get $500 OFF ANY surgical procedure! Just post 3 photos  a week of yourself getting fit for a month on my social media! Make sure you tag @DrRednam and use #RednamFit to show how you’re working to live a healthier lifestyle and you could receive $500 off any surgical procedure. It can be pictures of you working out, walking your dog , whatever you enjoy doing to get fit. I don’t only want you to look amazing, but feel beautiful inside and out! #ItPaysToBeFit #GetFit #Fitness #BeautifulInsideandOut

Rednam Fit

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