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Transform Project

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There is a reason Dr. Rukmini (Vinaya) Rednam is known as “The Confidence Doc,” and it goes far beyond her work as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. In everything she does, Dr. Rednam is dedicated to helping her patients feel beautiful, confident, and worthy as their authentic selves.

This is the motivation behind her Transform Project, a photo- and video-journalism showcase focused on the ways her surgical results positively impact the lives of her patients. Dr. Rednam takes the time to form deeply personal relationships with each of her patients, which is the only way she can truly understand their desires, needs and goals. This is how she achieves results that are more than aesthetically stunning: they truly do justice to her patients’ spirits.

From helping patients reaffirm a connection with their femininity after breast cancer, to encouraging patients to honor their true selves through gender affirmation surgery, Dr. Rednam’s mission is to walk with her patients on their journeys with compassion, understanding, grace…and absolutely no judgment. As her patients will say, many come to her during some of the darkest days of their lives, when they feel anything BUT beautiful. But Dr. Rednam sees the beauty in them, and she guides and encourages them until they see it, too.

Photoshoot image of Dr. Rednam and several patients

“I finally feel like my body matches my mind.”

“Just be yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people think about you. Just do what makes you happy and the rest of the world is gonna catch up.”

“I feel like I owe her so much, because she did so much. Things maybe I couldn’t tell one of the other doctors, I could tell her. I could talk to her, and it means a lot. It means a whole lot.”

“I cannot think of any other surgeon that I would rather have gone to to help me out in this journey.”

“I’d never felt that comfortable in my body before. I felt like I was looking at the body I was meant to have.”

“The very first thing I remember Dr. Rednam telling me was, ‘I am your silver lining in all of this.’”

“The surgery changed my life. It changed me.”

Transform Project Credit

Photographer: Jade Elizabeth 
Makeup Artist: Sara Eudy and Stephanie Leonard 
Videographers: Johnson Media (Lyla and Jarrett)


“My passion for videography has led me to make some beautiful projects with Dr. Rednam’s patients. My ability to connect with patients has led me to bring attention to the most underrepresented groups.”
– Lyla Johnson

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