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Dr. Rukmini Rednam’s Insight on Counterfeit Botox Dangers in Glamour Magazine

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“Counterfeit Botox Is Making People Sick—Here’s How to Spot an Unlicensed Injector,” featured in Glamour Magazine, spotlights Dr. Rednam’s expertise on the risks of counterfeit Botox. As a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Rednam highlights the health risks posed by unregulated Botox injections, a vital issue for anyone considering cosmetic enhancements. The article discusses the disturbing trend of counterfeit Botox cases, underlining Dr. Rednam’s crucial advice on identifying reputable and licensed injectors to avoid harmful outcomes. Through her knowledgeable contributions, Dr. Rednam not only educates readers on the symptoms and risks associated with counterfeit products but also champions the necessity of professional integrity in cosmetic practices and what to look for that may indicate counterfeit Botox.

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Woodlands Women Wonders: A Glimpse into the Lives of Inspirational Women

Dr. Rednam beautiful headshotDr. Rukmini Rednam was featured In the May issue of City Lifestyle, coinciding with Mother’s Day. “Woodlands Women Wonders”offers an intimate look into the lives of three extraordinary women and business owners who shape the community with their unique talents and visions. Among them, Dr. Rukmini (Vinaya) Rednam, a distinguished surgeon at My Houston Surgeons, shares her joy in witnessing patients’ emotional reactions to their surgical results, blending tears with laughter in moments of profound transformation. With a candid glimpse into their dreams, daily joys, and perfect days, this interview captures aspects of their personalities that remain unseen in professional settings. Engage with their stories, laugh and dream along with them, and get inspired by their relentless pursuit of excellence both in their careers and personal lives.

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Dr. Rukmini Rednam’s Vision for Transformative Plastic Surgery in USA Today

Dr. Rednam beautiful headshot“Transforming Beauty: Beyond the Surface in Plastic Surgery”, featured in USA Today, delves into the profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment through plastic surgery, as spearheaded by Dr. Rukmini Rednam. Known as “The Confidence Doc,” Dr. Rednam’s transformative work goes beyond mere physical changes, focusing on helping patients find their true selves and confidence. The Transform Project, showcased in the article, highlights real individuals from diverse backgrounds, each sharing narratives that challenge conventional perceptions of plastic surgery. By fostering deeply personal connections with her patients, Dr. Rednam ensures that their desires, needs, and goals are honored, resulting in outcomes that uplift their spirits. This holistic approach underscores the significance of feeling confident in one’s body and emphasizes the role of plastic surgery in nurturing the soul and fostering personal empowerment. For those considering a transformation, the article underscores the importance of finding a surgeon like Dr. Rednam who respects and understands their unique journey, guiding them towards not just a new look, but a renewed sense of self.

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The Rise of Fat Grafting in Plastic Surgery: Dr. Rukmini Rednam’s Perspective in Houston Chronicle

Dr. Rukmini Rednam was recently featured in Houston Chronicle’s, “Fat grafting isn’t just for Brazilian butt lifts. As its popularity increases, trends are evolving,” on plastic surgery’s significant shift in recent years, with fat grafting emerging as a popular technique for enhancing various body parts. Dr. Rukmini Rednam believes that fat grafting has revolutionized the field by offering a natural alternative to implants and injections.

In the article, Dr. Rednam highlights that fat grafting has opened new doors for patients who may have been skeptical of plastic surgery. Unlike implants or injections, fat grafting utilizes the patient’s own fat, making it a more natural and comforting option for many individuals. By avoiding external substances, patients feel more at ease with the procedure. Dr. Rukmini Rednam’s perspective sheds light on the growing popularity of fat grafting, especially in conjunction with face-lift procedures, and the satisfaction it brings to patients seeking a youthful yet authentic transformation. As fat grafting continues to evolve, it is crucial for patients to remain well-informed, choose experienced surgeons, and maintain realistic expectations to ensure a successful outcome.

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Dr. Rednam on The Joys of Breast Reduction Surgery in Allure Magazine

Woman with graphic flowers all over her bodyDr. Rukmini Rednam was recently featured this month in, “The Joys of Breast Reduction Surgery”, published by Allure Magazine. This article discusses the benefits and life-changing impact of breast reduction surgery and includes insights from Dr. Rednam and other medical professionals who explain the medical reasons why women choose to undergo this surgery, including relief from back pain, shoulder pain, and skin irritation. Dr. Rednam is quoted as saying, “breast reduction surgery has the highest satisfaction rate of almost any surgical plastic surgery procedure,” before delving into the psychological and emotional benefits of breast reduction. In addition to featuring real-life stories from women who have undergone the procedure, the article emphasizes the importance of researching and finding a qualified surgeon to ensure a safe and successful outcome.

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Dr. Rednam Discusses How Education Transforms Perception in Plastic Surgery in Forbes

Dr. Rednam in a glamorous outfitDr. Rukmini Rednam was recently featured in “Education Transforms Perceptions In Medical Arena”, an article in Forbes Magazine that discusses how plastic surgery is often misunderstood and stereotyped as only being focused on cosmetic procedures, when in reality it can also include reconstructive and restorative surgery. Dr. Rednam shares her belief that education through shared stories and personal motivations can help people better understand the reasons behind plastic surgery and the impact it can have on patients. Dr. Rednam has launched the Transform Patient Portraiture Project, which involves patients sharing their results and stories, in order to guide those considering plastic surgery and educate the public on the motivations behind it.

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Dr. Rednam Comments on Societal Beauty Standards and Women of Color in NewBeauty

Group of people cuddling closeA recent “Forces of Beauty” report by The DREAM Initiative highlights the need for more inclusive representation in the world of aesthetics and beauty, showing that only 17% of all women feel like their racial beauty is accepted by society. As a Houston Plastic Surgeon and in her position as a DREAM ambassador Dr. Rukmini Rednam advocates for more diversity in the field of aesthetics, as well as the medical field at large. In NewBeauty, Dr. Rednam explains that, “part of what this program is set up to do is recognize the impact of structural racism on health and health care, because a lot of times we’re not even aware that it’s occurring.”

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My Houston Surgeons to Launch a Second Full-Service Location

Dr. Rednam posing My Houston Surgeons recently announced the upcoming opening of a second full-service location in North Houston. The building, situated in the heart of the Woodlands Medical Center, is scheduled to open in March 2023. Dr. Rednam shared details of the 10,000 square foot space, which will house a large medical spa, a spacious operating room, and a luxury overnight recovery suite. We at My Houston Surgeons are eager to welcome patients into this new space, which will make it possible to offer even more fully customized treatments with the most advanced technologies.

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Dr. Rukmini Rednam in the Top Doctor Spotlight: Creating a Judgment-Free Space for Patients

Medicine and Doctors magazine cover Dr. Rednam was recently featured in Modern Luxury Magazine’s Top Doctor Spotlight as one of Houston’s leading Plastic Surgeons. As a board-certified surgeon, she is dedicated to using her surgical skills to help people feel more confident. That’s why, she explains in the article, it is so important to create a judgment-free space for patients at her Houston plastic surgery practice.

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Dr. Rukmini Rednam On Plastic Surgery: The Perfect Blend of Art and Science

Houston magazine coverDr. Rednam was the topic of Modern Luxury Magazine’s “Power Players Spotlight”, discussing her dedication to her patients, her love of the field of medicine, and why plastic surgery is the perfect blend of art and science. In the article, Dr. Rednam also shares why she’s so open about her own life, dreams, and insecurities on social—all in an effort to be honest and authentic with her patients and potential patients. The article closes with Dr. Rednam’s plans for expansion into a brand new building with a state-of-the-art operating room and full-service medical spa.

Houston Surgeon Dr. Rednam Speaks on Goals: Liberating, Supporting, and Empowering Patients

Dr. Rednam posing in a glamorous dressDr. Rednam was recently featured in an LA Weekly article: Setting the bar of inspiration; Dr. Rukmini “Vinaya” Rednam insists on championing others, promoting mental health wellness. Here, she discusses why she is able to establish such close relationships with her patients. In addition to her surgical expertise and aesthetic sensibilities, what really makes Dr. Rednam stand out is her goal of helping each patient develop confidence that empowers them to be themselves and embrace better mental health. Whether it’s through the motivational content she creates or life-changing procedures she performs including gender affirming procedures, Dr. Rednam daily fulfills her mission of making people feel special.

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Houston Surgeon Dr. Rednam on the Importance of Being a Confident Woman; Aftercare Follow-Ups

Dr. Rednam in her scrubsDr. Rednam was recently featured in The Ritz Herald’s Madison Graph discussing the challenges women face and how she strives to help her patients build confidence.

In the article, she explains why surgery alone often isn’t beneficial if mental health isn’t prioritized. The piece also covers Dr. Rednam’s love of the social aspect of being a surgeon and how getting to know patients helps her develop a more personalized understanding of their cosmetic goals and needs. Her love of people and plastic surgery allows the Houston surgeon to always go above and beyond to provide quality results for everyone—including comprehensive follow-up and aftercare programs.

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The Power of Compassion; How Dr. Rednam Balances 3 Separate Worlds

Dr. Rednam posing in a glamorous dressFor Dr. Rukmini Rednam, plastic surgery is a calling. She was recently profiled in Influencive on her expertise in her field and the passion and dedication that drives everything she does.

Aside from leading a thriving plastic surgery practice, Dr. Rednam is also a mother and manages several robust social media accounts dedicated to educating fans and followers on plastic surgery procedures, techniques, and transformations. The article explores how Dr. Rednam is able to balance her professional and personal worlds because of the strong family-oriented ideals that inform everything she does.

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Jill of All Trades; The Incredible Journey of Dr. Rukmini Rednam

Dr. Rednam smiling in a glamorous red dressDr. Rednam’s rise to the top of her profession was recently featured in Deadline, in an article that shares what sparked the Houston-based physician’s passion for plastic surgery.

It also profiles how her determination has pushed her throughout her career and how she’s navigated a male-dominated profession. In the piece, Dr. Rednam shares why staying true to yourself is the best advice anyone could get, and how she’s taking her own advice and pursuing the things she’s passionate about such as her newest social media series, “Transform,” which highlights real patient transformations and serves as both inspiration and an educational resource for people considering plastic surgery.

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Dr. Rednam Celebrated for her Commitment to Representation

Dr. Redman headshot Dr. Rukmini Rednam was recently featured in the Markets Herald in an article that explored the actions she has taken in her Houston plastic surgery practice to showcase diverse representations of beauty.

Dr. Rednam explains that the narrow beauty ideals that have been established in the past are, “unfair because there are so many people who believe those standards, so they feel like they’re not beautiful if they don’t look a certain way.” She is conscious about sharing a range of real people on her instagram, facebook, and tiktok, where she posts before and after images of patients of different ages, ethnicities, and body types. Above all, she is committed to using her surgical skills and experience to enhance each patient’s natural beauty while instilling confidence in them.

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Doctors Who Make You Smile: Meet Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rukmini Rednam

Dr. Rednam in pink scrubsDr. Rednam was recently profiled in The Ritz Herald as the featured doctor of the month in a heartfelt article exploring the connection between looking good and feeling good. Dr. Rednam discusses how a positive attitude and simple actions like smiling can lead to both health benefits and a boost in self-confidence. As someone in the business of helping patients boost self-confidence and passionate about each of her patient’s individual health and wellness, Dr. Rednam strives to help each patient be the best version of themselves—inside and out.

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How can excess skin removal benefit you long-term? A surgeon answers our most inquired questions

Dr. Rednam in yellow scrubsThe United Business Journal recently featured Dr. Rednam in an informative article discussing excess skin removal following massive weight loss. One of Dr. Rednam’s favorite procedures to perform, this type of body contouring surgery allows surgeons like Dr. Rednam to reshape the body and show off the patient’s new hard won figure. Read the article to see a Q&A with Dr. Rednam and learn more about this life changing procedure!

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‘Happy Healing’: Houston plastic surgeon, Dr. Rukmini Rednam, is fully committed to leaving patients satisfied

Dr. Rednam headshotDr. Rednam was recently featured in The American Reporter’s piece discussing how she can understand some people’s reticence to see a cosmetic surgeon, and offers advice for men and women on voicing their concerns, doing the proper research on both their plastic surgeon and the procedure desired, and the importance of following pre- and post-operative instructions. She also shares her favorite surgery to perform—and says she could do this procedure all day, every day. Read the full article to find out what it is!

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Fraxel Treatment & Experience with Dr. Rednam

fraxel treatmentA few weeks ago I had the opportunity to receive a Fraxel laser treatment with Dr. Rednam, in Houston. I wanted to wait to give you my review and experience once my skin had a chance to fully heal, and I could truly share all of the results with you. So let’s get started!

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The Complete Guide to Breast Reduction Surgery

breast reduction graphicThree plastic surgeons share everything you need to know about the complicated but often life-altering surgery in this month’s Life in Plastic column.

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Life and Work with Rukmini Rednam

Dr. Rednam selfieI have always been a very goal oriented person and from the time I was young, I felt inspired by my grandmother who was a pediatrician to go into medicine. So, I have spent my time in school really focused on making that happen.

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Top Houston Surgeon Offers Concierge Services

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Recently voted Houston’s Top Doctors in HTexas magazine, Dr. Rukmini “Vinaya” Rednam distinguishes herself once more by being among Houston’s first plastic surgeons to offer boutique and concierge services. With these services, her elite clientele receives the highest quality plastic surgery care without disrupting busy schedules and maintaining the utmost discretion in the comfort of their home, hotel room, and office.

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LA Talk Radio With Dr. Rednam & The Weight Is Over

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The Weight Is Over and we are excited to learn why. Tune in for Madison Wilner along with her extraordinary surgeon Dr. Rukmini Rednam.

#GirlBoss: redefining what a boss looks like

Dr. Rednam laughingToo many of us grew up only seeing one kind of boss or leader in the media. The lack of representation for other groups reinforced harmful stereotypes and acted as a self-fulfilling prophesy, but would our opinion of what a leader looks like be different if the media did a better job at representing the true diversity of leadership in America?

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