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At the practice of Dr. Rukmini Rednam, located in Houston and The Woodlands, TX, your journey towards self-improvement extends far beyond the operating room. Dr. Rednam is committed to ensuring that every step of your recovery is both comfortable and conducive to optimal healing, allowing you to enjoy the best results possible. Our comprehensive post-operative care program is designed to provide ongoing support and resources, ensuring you not only recover safely but also sustain the enhancements and confidence gained from your transformative procedure. With Dr. Rednam, your journey to a renewed self is supported every step of the way.

Post-Lipo Manual Lymphatic Massage

Post-lipo manual lymphatic massage is an essential component of the recovery process after procedures such as liposuction. Dr. Rednam recommends this gentle, therapeutic technique to expedite the removal of biological waste, reduce swelling, and enhance tissue regeneration. By promoting the body’s natural lymphatic drainage, this massage helps patients achieve smoother, quicker recoveries and optimal surgical results.

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POP Recovery Systems

POP Recovery Systems, in collaboration with Dr. Rukmini Rednam, provides a comprehensive support system to facilitate a seamless and stress-free recovery. From the initial virtual consultation through to the post-operative care, every aspect of your journey is meticulously planned. This includes assistance with travel arrangements and accommodations, as well as personalized support through the Pop Plastics Prep & Recover program. POP Recovery Systems helps enhance healing with tailored resources such as specialized garments and supplements, ensuring every patient experiences the highest level of care and convenience, regardless of their location.

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Drain Care & Log

Drains are often necessary after surgeries like tummy tucks or circumferential body lifts to remove fluids that accumulate during the healing process. Dr. Rednam provides patients with Drain Care Teaching and Logs to monitor the volume and frequency of the fluid collected, which is critical for a safe recovery. By tracking when and how much fluid is emptied—ideally decreasing to less than 30 ml/day for 2 days in a row—patients and Dr. Rednam can ensure drains are removed at the optimal time for best results.

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