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Losing Weight is a Hard-fought Goal

You set your mind to it, you worked hard, you beat the odds and lost all those extra pounds that once literally weighed you down. You may have accomplished your weight loss through diet and exercise changes or with the help of bariatric surgery, or both.  Either way now you are close to your ideal weight, and you feel great. First and foremost getting healthy is the major goal of weight loss however for a large number of people even after weight loss there may still be some work left to be done on the aesthetic side of things.

Too Much Skin Left Behind

One of the biggest issues faced by many people who have undergone the amazing transformation brought on by major weight loss is what do I do with all my excess skin?  As a person gains weight, their skin starts stretching and adapting to their larger size often breaking as manifested by stretch marks. But, when the same person starts losing the extra pounds, their skin often stretched past its own elasticity may not shrink back down with the weight loss.  This can cause a lot of discomfort to those who have fifty to hundreds of pounds. Even after taking control of their health and becoming fitter and leaner, the folds of skin that remain can be more than disheartening, and that can become a problem. After all, they worked hard to get where they are today and looking in the mirror can still be a difficult, shameful, and even painful experience.

Body Contouring, and Ideal Solution

Once you have reached your target weight, it may be time to consider skin removal that will allow you to achieve the body you have always desired and remove problematic issues caused by the excess skin. Post weight loss surgery, including tummy tucks, body lifts and other procedures, is the most straightforward way to achieve your desired look and rid yourself of problematic skin when major weight loss has taken its toll. Getting to look your best, while putting the final touches on those areas that seem unwilling to return to their natural contour  is a process that may help you recover your self-esteem, your health, and above all, your appreciation of everything you have accomplished.

Body contouring is as personal as your weight loss journey, and it takes a very special surgeon to get it done the right way. This is where Dr. Rukmini Rednam shines. Her expertise, hands on approach and caring manner will ensure the final steps of your weight loss journey bring out only the best in your appearance. From tummy tucks to removing unwanted skin folds, to ensuring your best interests are at the forefront of this new adventure, Dr. Rednam will work hand in hand with you to tend to your body contouring needs.

Why leave the journey of a lifetime unfinished when a caring and experienced professional can help you reach the finish line that is just a few more steps away? After all, you have already done the hardest portion of the work, losing weight and getting healthy. It is time to give yourself the gift of looking as good on the outside and you feel on the inside.

Schedule Your Body Contouring Consultation Today

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