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Ear Lobe Reduction

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Earlobe reduction is a common facial procedure that can help some women and men who naturally have long earlobes or develop them with age which can be a source of embarrassment. These ladies and gentleman can feel very self-conscious about their ears and many of these ladies avoid wearing earring to avoid attention to their elongated lobes.

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Earlobe Reduction Procedure

Multiple techniques are available to reduce your enlargened earlobes. Depending on the problem, earlobe reduction occurs by removing skin from the bottom of the ear leaving the scar along the curvilinear edge, or the earlobe can be wedged, leaving a vertical scar with in the earlobe or along the ear/face interface. The technique selected depends on your individual anatomy and desire for scar positioning. Earlobe reduction can be effective for treating earlobes stretched out by gauges as well as naturally long earlobes.

Earlobe Reduction Recovery

Earlobe reduction surgery can be performed with local anesthesia in the office. The incisions tend to heal well and hide well without much discomfort. Ice packs and pain medication are usually necessary for 1-2 days. Head elevation is recommended on 1-2 pillows at night for the first week to decrease swelling. No dressings are needed other than antibiotic ointment.

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