Should You Travel for Surgery?

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Should you travel for surgery? Medical tourism is a hot topic right now, with many patients looking for the best care that is available, regardless of location. If you need medical treatment, then there is no reason why you should be limited to the doctors near your home. Instead, look online to find a provider who offers the treatments that you are interested in receiving.

Why Medical Tourism?

What is the advantage of having surgery away from home? Here are several reasons why people choose to travel for surgery:

Medical Expertise: Sometimes it can be hard to find an experienced doctor in your local area, especially if you live in a small town. Instead of settling for a surgeon who doesn’t have the experience that you desire, consider the advantages of traveling to see your preferred doctor in another location. Dr. Rednam is a Board Certified plastic & reconstructive surgeon and has patients both locally and from many other states and countries who seek out her individualized care.

Recovery Time: You can enjoy a relaxing getaway during your recovery by choosing a warm, comfortable destination. It is common for people to take time away from work for the recovery. Why not spend this time in a new destination?

Cost of the Surgery: If you live in an expensive area, then it is possible to save thousands of dollars on the procedure by traveling to a different location in some instances. Even when you factor in the travel expenses, the cost may be cheaper compared to medical facilities in some of the high cost of living areas in the US. But, remember when looking for a surgeon focus on quality not only on cost.

People assume that medical tourism is focused on international travel. But, many people have experienced excellent benefits by staying in the United States. Instead of navigating international and cultural differences, you can work with Western-trained doctors who speak your language. Plus, flights are more affordable, and you don’t have a long distance to travel by plane if you stick with doctors in the United States.

Travel Tips for Long Distance Surgery

If you decide to travel for cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, then you need to follow a few tips to protect your health and ensure the results of the treatment.

Keep in mind that you will need to stay in a hotel for at least a few days after the surgery. Not only do you need time to rest and recover, but you should also be available to visit with the doctor for follow-up appointments. It is advisable to wait for a little while before flying to reduce the risk of blood clots.

It can be helpful to bring a friend or family member to offer support before, during, and after the surgery. For example, you cannot drive yourself after the surgical procedure. So, you need to bring someone who can take over the wheel to help you get back to the hotel.

Preparing for an Upcoming Surgery

Are you interested in more information about traveling to Houston for your surgical needs? Then we invite you to schedule a consultation to learn more. Dr. Rednam will work with you to make your procedure seamless and comfortable. She is able to offer comfortable luxury overnight recovery rooms after surgery and recommend hotels for your stay afterwards. For more information, feel free to call our office with any questions.