How Being Healthy Prior to Surgery Benefits You

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It’s tough to be healthy in an unhealthy world. We’re bombarded by options that adversely affect our bodies each and everyday. The critical part to being healthy is not just looking healthy on the outside, but most importantly on the inside! This is especially important if you are planning on undergoing any type of surgery, whether cosmetic or reconstructive. Your ability to recover progressively is enabled by your body’s level of health.

Surgery & Your Body

When you plan for surgery, Dr. Rednam and her team will discuss the importance of supporting your health through diet and exercise and by following the recommendations of both your primary care doctor and surgeon. The goal of this discussion is to make sure that your body will not only heal well, but also smoothly and free of complications. Regardless of the type of operative procedure and the skill level of the surgeon involved, surgery can be stressful for your body and the more supportive you are of your body before surgery the better you will do.

Be as Healthy as You Can be… For Surgery

Most of us may not be as healthy as we would like to be. We may be involved in behaviors that lead to unhealthy outcomes. So what does it mean to be healthy before surgery? It means working towards a healthy diet, regular physical activity and a balance in your overall life.  These actions will help strengthen your body, condition it, and build your resilience for recovery. For example, if you’re a smoker, it’s required that you stop smoking at least 4 weeks prior to surgery and maintain this cessation after. Smoking can cause issues with your breathing as well as with your healing which interferes with your recovery from anesthesia and surgery. In general, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is positive for your body and overall well-being, but especially important before undergoing an operative procedure. Make sure to ask Dr. Rednam about the specifics of your pre-operative preparation to maximize your success and minimize your risk of complications.