The Gentler Anti-Aging Treatment

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close up of woman with glowing skin

Mid 2017, the dating website OkCupid revealed that, for men of any age, a woman’s most attractive age is twenty years. Before you cry out in despair and ditch your clothes, personal care products, and makeup, let us tell you that there is another research study too. According to this one, most women feel most alluring at the age of 34.

Consider this fact while you’re taking care of your body and face in the morning. It means that once you’re past 35 if you do your best to look splendid, you may be doing so for your better half or a potential partner, but you’re certainly doing so for yourself! Aren’t you entitled to treat yourself well, perhaps even be a bit selfish? We think so.

To maintain a complexion that you feel proud of, despite the clock ticking away time, you can rely on good-quality personal care products and makeup for a very long while. Still, at a given moment, fine smile lines and tiny sunspots will appear, your skin won’t be as supple and radiant anymore, you’ll discover a first grey hair.

Choosing between plastic surgery or a gentler anti-aging treatment

Many women are undecided which anti-aging steps to take first. Is 35 too early for plastic surgery, or is 65 too late for food supplements? Friends and relatives can give you tips. They can tell you stories about what they did, how it worked for them. Shelves in bookstores sag with the weight of tomes containing tips to make you look younger. Articles in magazines and on the internet, abound. Many solutions, however, contradict each other, because, in the end, we always conclude the same: every woman is different.

Contacting a qualified professional, such as Dr. Rukmini Rednam is one of the best answers to the problem. An experienced professional will ask distinctive questions, do any examinations that make sense, and consequently offer you the best option. You may be surprised that this option is not necessarily plastic surgery. In many cases, especially when you’re still relatively young, a minimally invasive procedure may yield much better results.

Alternatives to spare your precious skin

Allowing even the best doctors to cut into your skin is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. Dr. Rednam understands this and offers some excellent alternatives to plastic surgery. For your face, neck, and hands where it’s almost impossible to hide signs of aging, Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing may be best. This revolutionary and safe fractional laser method stimulates your skin’s natural collagen, renewing its surface rapidly and efficiently.

Don’t let the notion of a chemical peel frighten you either. Hydroxy acids occur in nature just like apples and oranges. They are the mildest of the peel formulas, usually causing only minimal discomfort while working wonders on any fine lines and pigmentation spots.

Botox, collagen and autologous are often frowned upon by laypeople, but these injections show almost immediate results and are affordable. This brings us to the final factor to consider: price. A minimally invasive procedure will almost never be as costly as plastic surgery. After a visit to your doctor, you’ll find yourself with quite a few cents more. Perhaps you should spend them on something nice to wear. After all, we agree that occasionally, you can be a bit selfish.