Lip Fillers: Everything You Need And Want To Know!

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Do you wish you had a plumper pout? Or maybe just slightly more defined lips? You’re not alone! Having fuller lips was and still is a hot new trend! If you’re in the market for a fuller pout or just curious about lip fillers, we have all the most asked questions answered!

So What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are NOT Botox, which diminishes wrinkles by paralyzing the muscle. Lip fillers are temporary injections composed of FDA approved hyaluronic acid (HA), a sugar found naturally in the body. Since they are temporary, HA fillers can last anywhere from three to 18 months depending on the rate your body absorbs the filler, which differs from person to person. There are also different types of fillers used for volume, definition, fine lines and longevity (length of time the filler lasts). Then the question arises, what type of fillers can you use to achieve your desired result?

Types of Fillers

1. Belotero Balance® / Volbella®/ Restylane Silk®

Belotero Balance, Volbella and Restylane Silk are superficial dermal fillers often used to fill fine lines above and below the lips. This trio of options also provides subtle lip augmentation and definition. Results last around six months to a year.

2. Juvederm Ultra® / Ultra Plus®

Juvederm adds volume and gives the appearance of a smoother surface of skin and lips. This is an ideal filler when a fuller, less subtle pout is desired. Juvederm Ultra® also fills moderate to severe facial wrinkles in both women and men. Results typically last around six months after injection.

3. Restylane®

Restylane® carries a family of products that are ideal for fuller, more defined lip augmentation that includes Restylane® and Restylane® Refyne / Defyne.

Restylane is HA formulated as a clear gel and is utilized to correct moderate to severe wrinkles and provides modest lip augmentation. This augmentation lasts around six months from time of injection. Restylane Refyne/ Defyne are the newest members of the Restylane family. They offer fuller to voluminous pouts used to define and augment lips lasting for almost a year after injection.

When researching types of HA lip fillers, remember its always essential to consult with a board-certified physician to choose the right filler or combination of fillers.

Are Lip Fillers Safe?

If you are worried about how safe lip fillers are, you might be interested to know that studies have shown they are more reliable than previously used collagen fillers. Research published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health found that with the introduction of hyaluronic (HA) dermal fillers, patients have a lower risk of allergic reaction compared to collagen fillers. Hyaluronic acid as mentioned before is a naturally occurring sugar found in the human body that your body absorbs safely over time, which also happens to give it the perk of impermanence.

Remember, however, that you will not only get the best results but avoid a lot of unnecessary complications when performed by a reputable and board certified plastic surgeon.

How Painful Are Lip Fillers?

Really want that signature pout but afraid it’s going to hurt? Luckily, most patients don’t report a lot of pain other than a bee-sting-like feeling from the initial needle insertion.

After that initial sting, you might feel an uncomfortable pressure as the filler moves through your lips but other than slight bruising; the pain is very mild if any felt at all.

What Should I Expect After The Procedure?

Immediate results! Soon after lip injections you might notice slight swelling and bruising, but don’t be alarmed as these side effects quickly reside. It’s a natural part of the healing process and tends to peak within 48hrs after the procedure, but if swelling persists longer than seven days contact your physician for further medical advice. Within 3 to 7 days you’ll have a natural looking set of fuller lips.

What Happens During a Consultation?

Your board-certified specialist will offer a variety of products. Each product produces different results. With your doctor’s experience and knowledge, you both should collectively decide on the injectable that will successfully deliver results. You and your surgeon will also review what to expect during and after the lip injections, as well as possible side effects. Questions are encouraged, as Dr. Rednam wants to ensure you have all of the information before making a final decision.

I Have Always had Thin Lips can I Still get a Natural Result?

Yes! Some of us just haven’t been as lucky when it comes to being born with full lips, but a natural augmentation is possible and achievable. An ideal lip augmentation uses smaller volume injections spaced out by a few weeks to slowly expand the lips to prevent an overfilled or ridge-like appearance to the lips. Patience and an experienced lip injector like Dr. Rednam can help you achieve your ideal lip volume.

What If I Don’t Like How My Results?

If unfortunately, you are not pleased with your results, there is no need to worry. The great thing about HA fillers is that they can quickly be dissolved using an enzyme called Hyaluronidase. This entire procedure takes only about 5 minutes, and the results are instant.

Can I Make This Procedure Discrete?

Are you someone who is always on the go or someone who favors privacy? Dr. Rednam is pleased to provide an in-depth one-on-one consultation for most procedures and if desired can perform minor cosmetic procedures such as Botox/Dysport, Injectables, Peels and minor laceration repair at your desired location (home, office or hotel).

As an aesthetic fellowship-trained plastic surgeon, you can expect immaculate technique, sterile instruments, and the utmost discretion from Dr. Rednam. With these services, you can have the highest quality plastic surgery care without disrupting your busy schedule.

Consult with Dr. Rukmini Rednam

If you have questions, feel free to contact board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rukmini Rednam at 713-791-0700 or book a one-on-one consultation with her.