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Reconstructive Face & Neck Surgery

Your face is your vehicle to express emotion and it is often a key part of people’s first impression of you. When you suffer from a facial trauma or have a functional issue, it can be difficult to feel like yourself. Houston Facial Reconstruction Specialist Dr. Rukmini Rednam is experienced in restoring function and improving cosmetic appearance so you can feel like yourself again. Dr. Rednam is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and she offers a range of Reconstructive and Cosmetic Face and Neck Surgery options in The Woodlands and Houston, Texas.

Surgical Treatment of Facial Trauma

A traumatic facial injury can result from playing sports, falling, a car accident, or a physical altercation. These painful incidents can fracture delicate tissue, which can cause facial deformities or loss of function. Dr. Rednam can expertly repair tissue damage caused by trauma with a variety of techniques to help you look better and feel better.

Post-MOHS Reconstruction

Skin cancer can be a frightening diagnosis, but certain types of skin carcinomas are treatable with removal of the cancerous cells. The MOHS procedure is used by dermatologists to remove cancerous tissue, and then if large areas have been removed post-MOHS reconstruction is needed to restore the appearance of the treated area. Dr. Rednam offers a variety of techniques, including skin grafts to replace lost tissue with natural-looking results.

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